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NACIS Quilt 2019

17 Oct 2019 » cartography, esri, openstreetmap

I was once again beyond honored to be asked to particiapte in this years NACIS Quilt! The quilt is a collaborative map/art project that grids out a location into 12 tiles that are then mapped without any design rules. This years quilt was centered on the Tacoma region, where this years NACIS conference takes place. It’s amazing to see the 12 distinct perspectives come together in a uniquely harmonious way.

This year’s quilt featured designs by Vicky Johnson, Katie Kowalsky, Jim Eynard, Margot Carpenter, Kate Leroux, Laris Karklis, Elaine Guidero, Meghan Kelly, Justyn Goworowska, John Nelson, Kristin Landgren Martinez, and myself.