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We Have To Go Back

09 Feb 2018 » cartography, mapbox


tl;dr The Island

Yesterday, Mapbox hit 1,000,000 registered developers. WOW.

To celebrate they started the #1millionexploring hashtag on Twitter, which asks users to share their memories or milestones using Mapbox software. That got me thinking back to my first Mapbox project.

I had been hearing about TileMill online, and decided to take a crack at CartoCSS for the first time. Using my “Greetings from the Island” map I had recently (2013-ish) created I began the several hour process of scouring Tilemill docs and lots of googling.

greetings “Greetings from the Island” - 2013

To my surprise yesterday, my original Tilemill project was still in my Mapbox account, so I brought it in to Studio to make a quick style from the raster tiles.

Take a trip back to 2013, Tilemill, and my first Mapbox map with The Island.
Congrats Mapbox! 👏 🚀 👏 🚀 👏 🚀 👏 🚀

Please feel free to email me or hit me up on twitter if you want some more details or have any general questions.