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Hipster-esque Maki-Style Icons

26 Jan 2016 » cartography, openstreetmap


i got this shirt a few years ago, i’ve always equated it’s design to “Symbols on a Map”, and i’ve always wanted to make them legit map symbols. thus…

my first attempt at Maki-Style symbols

15 icons i can only describe as hipster-esque map symbols from a forgotten map of farm to table farms

  • license and hormone free, do with them what you will, have your cake and eat it too, and have other people watch you while you eat it.
  • pull requests most welcome, im 100% sure they could have been drawn better
  • 24px sized svg’s, perfect for that mapbox studio project you’ve had on the back-burner
  • add unpresedented levels of personal curation by using maki-chef
  • includes seamless pattern png, perfect for cool new homepage backgrounds

all design credit to RCVA, the manufacturer of the shirt.