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Back On Board

13 Mar 2019 » openstreetmap


tl;dr I’m a 2019 Board Member for OpenStreetMap US

Woohoo! Looking forward to another great year on the OpenStreetMap US Board 🎉🗺🎉

Check out my pre-election Position Statement below for more information about me and why I ran. If you have any questions about OSM in the US or OpenStreetMap in general, or perhaps a suggestion for us, Please feel free to email me or hit me up on twitter.

Position Statement

My name is Jonah Adkins. I am a cartographer from Newport News, Virginia. I have been working with maps & GIS technology since 1999, with local governments, federal agencies, and most recently as a consultant. I’ve been regular editor of OpenStreetMap since November of 2013.

I was elected to the Board in 2018 and thoroughly enjoyed participating as a board member during the past year. I had the opportunity to represent the community at large events like SOTMUS and NACIS, as well as locally during the Detroit Mapping Challenge and in the #virginia channel on slack. I’m eager to continue bringing a fresh perspective to the board and look forward to fostering a community of inclusion, diversity, and belonging for anyone involved with OpenStreetMap US.