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State of the Map US 2019

06 Sep 2019 » openstreetmap, cartography


Greetings from the State of the Map US 2019! This year’s conference comes from the Twin Cities, on the campus of the University of Minnesota. I was stoked to have 2 presentations this year - the first, a talk on the history of imports in Hampton Roads, the other, a beginner workshop entitled Bring Your Own Infinity Gauntlet.

Hampton Roads - A Million (or so) Buildings Later

This talk walked attendees through a series of imports i’ve done for the Hampton Roads region. The highlight of the talk are a series of maps that feature a statistic of the imported features.


Slides from the talk are available at:
And the interactive map is available at:

Watch the talk!

Build Your Own Infinity Gauntlet


This workshop was focused on the beginner, and is pretty much a world tour of my safari bookmarks. Based on some feedback from last year’s conference, attendees would welcome some beginner focused content. The workshop uses the infinity gauntlet as an analogy for creating an awesome list of OSM tools to use on a regular basis. I broke down the following 6 categories of OSM tools:





    • The Wiki page for map features with links to sub-classes and additional info.
  • OSM Tag Info:
    • Great info about usage of a tag, or combination of tags. Sometimes it’s best to go with what’s being used the most.
  • Ask the community!
    • There’s a large community of OSM mappers (Lists, Slack, Twitter, etc.), and there’s usually someone who’s an expert in mapping a particular feature. Just have to ask!
  • Explore the map!
    • Sometimes the best way to figure out the best way to tag a feature is to browse the map and see how others are doing it.

User Tools

Other Utilities

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