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James City County OSM Imports

06 Sep 2015 » osm

James City County, Virginia GIS department has provided building footprints and address points for importing into OpenStreetMap after a request via email. The data was graciously provided as is, license free, and at no cost by the GIS department.

Import Stats

James City County Building data was imported by Census Block Group chunks during the weekend of September 11th, following OSM import guidelines and community feedback.

Imports were done through the dedicated user account jonahadkins_jamescity_imports

  • 30,155 building footprints imported
    • 21,483 houses
    • 1,444 commercial/retail structures
  • 25,149 addresses attached to buildings (83% of all structures imported have addresses!)
  • 141 Business Names (9% of all commercial/retail structures :()
  • 79 Amenities Tagged